Liar, Liar, Obama in the White House

LLPOFCoverSiteaWhat purpose does Barack Hussein Obama have in lying so much and so often to the American people?

In Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire, Obama in the White House by Martin and Patricia Reott you can discover some of the many ways Barack Obama has lied, both before and since he took office.

Besides looking at the myriad ways Obama has used deception, and out-and-out lies, to accomplish his purposes you can learn the behind-the-scene reasons for so many of his actions.

It is especially important to note that Obama supporters never question what he says or check his facts. Instead, they appear to swallow every lie handed down to them by the “Great Teleprompter Reader”. But they also become enraged if anyone DOES check facts and  challenges Obama’s pronouncements. That’s when the charge of “racist” usually starts getting thrown around.

With all the name calling, can Obama believe his supporters are stupid?

For example:

Don’t they know the border fence is only 5% completed, instead of finished as Obama claimed?

Don’t they know Obama was born 5 years before the Selma, Alabama civil rights march that he claimed caused his parents to decide to give birth to him?

The lies are too numerous to count, but we reveal the reasons behind them for you in Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire, Obama in the White House.

What you’ll learn is that, if Barack Obama’s mouth is moving, he’s probably telling a lie.

Patriotic Americans need to decide whether Barack Obama is a pathological liar or a narcissist (since he can’t seem to tell the difference between reality and his own world view). Either way, he’s lying!

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Read for yourself and decide.

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